Referencing Guideline

IJARMS Journals Referencing Patters

All the reference well cited in the text in the number format in brackets like (1), the IJARMS Journals team will cite all the referenced provided in the manuscript by Endnote Citation Process, Kindly provide the Authentic and complete references in the end of the text and will be minimum 10-15. For example the reference from various sources will be cited in following pattern:
Tüzün B, Erkoç Ş. Structural and electronic properties of unusual carbon Nanorods. Quantum Matter. 2012;1(2):136-48.
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Conference proceedings
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Newspaper articles
Robertson J. Not married to the art. The Courier Mail (Weekend edition). 2010:6-7.
Magazine articles
Marano HE. Pitfalls of perfectionism. Psychology Today. 2008;41(2):80-7.
Government Report
Reh C, Fleeger A, COLLINS J. Health hazard evaluation report. 1989.
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