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Your education is your base on which your success story has been built. We believe that no one is born with writing skills thus we are vowed to provide you a platform to publish your article and ideas FREE OF COST, Rather than Rejection, we believe in Revision. Our first priority will be to covert ordinary content in to quality content by suggesting revisions. Thereby, providing opportunity to authors for improve their research work. We also make academic publication simple and affordable while providing greater experience to authors.


  • Journals published under the aegis of International Journal of Advanced Research in Multidisciplinary Sciences, is following a common policy from editorial perspective, which states:
  • To promote quality research, we will not charge authors for submission, processing or publication charge. Services for authors are free of charge.
  • We will follow, fair policy of publication with no preference to any individual or society or institution, whatsoever. Articles will be reviewed on first come- first review basis.
  • With our limited resources, we will try to check each and every article with the plagiarism check software before it is sent in to the review.
  • As much as possible, we will follow double blind peer review process so as to ensure fair and quality review feedback.

Online IJARMS Journals platform

IJARMS Journals is meant to facilitate a cost effective access to the quality research findings in the domains of commerce through the publication of quality scholarly journals.

  • Rapid online publication of papers, soon after their formal acceptance.
  • Promotional support to papers of specific interest.
  • Online Submission of Manuscripts.
  • Provides an online peer review process, with a highly acclaimed editorial board.
  • Free online open access to the abstracts of all articles.
  • Worldwide circulation and visibility.
  • Free access to authors to the journals in which papers are published by them.

Highlights of the forth coming Issue:

  • Worldwide circulation of published work.
  • Instant Indexing of published papers on various indexing websites and catalogues.
  • No Registration, Submission and Publication Fees.

Pledge by Authors:

  • No Plagiarism.
  • Empowering knowledge through Research or Review work.
  • Following Author Guidelines and Referencing pattern.
  • Will help other researches to do relevant and focused research.

Resources for authors

  • General advice on preparing a manuscript
  • Tracking your article through production
  • Language polishing service
  • Promoting your article when published
  • Tracking usage of your article when published

International Journal of Advanced Research in Multidisciplinary Sciences adopts a holistic approach to find ranking and relative importance of academic journals. The main objective is to help researcher’s select appropriate journal while submitting research paper and publish in most reputed journal available with us. This is a complete automated process and there is less chance for any error or manipulation.

International Journal of Advanced Research in Multidisciplinary Sciences helps the researchers FREE OF COST by providing right direction in their research with the help of its worldwide research association members.

Website: www.ijarms.org

Email: arvindshukla.journal@gmail.com